Landscaping trends for 2020

May 9, 2019

The new year is in full swing so what better time to explore some of the top landscaping and gardening trends of 2020. From unique landscape design and architecture to eco-friendly gardening, it seems 2020 will be an interesting year for the gardener.

Water-wise gardening

The Western Cape certainly has its share of problems when it comes to limited water usage, a fact that puts a lot of pressure on garden lovers and their plant babies. Fortunately, there’s loads of low-water and water-free options that can ensure you boast a healthy and beautiful garden. To gain some more insight on water-wise gardening, check out our seven tips on water-wise landscaping. Not only do water-wise gardens play a pivotal role in saving our precious water resources, but it also saves you a lot of maintenance effort in the long-run, which brings us to our next landscaping trend for 2020…

Low-maintenance gardening

In our modern rat-race lifestyles, it is becoming harder and harder to dedicate time to cultivating a thriving garden. With the right low-maintenance gardening techniques, you can still have a strikingly beautiful garden without all the time-consuming demands. From capitalising on indigenous plants’ natural self-caring abilities to changing your weeding habits, there’s a lot one can do to minimise the demands of your garden. Check out this article for some great low-maintenance garden ideas


Hardscaping refers to the incorporation of man-made materials to complement and minimise the space needed for your garden vegetation. Hardscaping provides you with more control over the general aesthetic of your garden, compared to the often unpredictable climate and growth pattern of your plants, and will rarely require maintenance after the initial installation. While some gardeners might scorn the idea of swapping vegetation for hardscaping designs, experienced landscapers have used the combination to magnificent effect.

Vegetable Gardens

Veggie gardens have become increasingly popular in the last few years and the trend will continue to grow in 2020 as eco-friendly gardening becomes more commonplace. By planting your own veggie garden, you will be providing yourself with a sustainable source of fresh food and eliminating the need to drive to the shops or market, reducing your carbon footprint and putting a smile on Mother Nature’s face. Plus, a veggie garden will add a unique and interesting edge to your home’s outdoor aesthetic.

Vertical Gardening

As environments globally are being urbanised to facilitate the rapidly growing world population, the reality of owning a vast garden is becoming increasingly less. More and more, landscapers and gardeners are exploring vertical gardening solutions that can turn small spaces into lively natural environments. These gardens take up considerably less space and also require a lot less maintenance than your usual garden.


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