7 Water-wise landscaping ideas for your garden

May 9, 2019

With the hot and dry summer season rapidly drawing closer in Cape Town, we thought it would be a great idea to look at some beautiful and effective ways to create a low-water garden. 

Check dams

Check dams are an aesthetically pleasing and highly effective water-saving addition to your garden. Beyond the interesting and creative ways they can be implemented in your garden, they decrease the amount of run-off water and also direct rainwater towards your garden plants. 

Groundcover plants

Groundcover plants are perfect to use in exposed areas of your garden as they lock in moisture underneath them. Besides the fact that they will significantly decrease the amount of water you need to keep the soil moist, it will also prevent soil erosion. Additionally, if you’re an avid lover of succulents, they thrive in these conditions. 


No water-wise garden is complete without succulents. Of all the plant species to choose from, no other plants deal with low-water condition better than these resilient little wonders. Succulents need very little water and add a unique, almost alien-like beauty to your garden, especially with the right landscape layout.

Indigenous Plants

Indigenous flora are a great way to save on both water and garden maintenance. They are already well acclimatised to natural rainfall patterns and will require very little to no attention to thrive in your garden. See more indigenous gardening ideas here.

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are a great way to save water. Additionally, if approached with a creative mind, barrels will not only help you save water but can add a charming aesthetic to your garden.

Replace grass with artificial grass

If you’re interested in a water-wise garden, grass is one of the first things that will have to go. Grass only looks good when it’s green and healthy, and it takes a lot of maintenance and water to keep it that way. Consider replacing your grass with artificial grass, which will give you that same beautiful green look without all the tedious labour and excessive water usage.

Replace grass with gravel or stones

If you’re not too attached to the idea of an overly green garden, then we recommend replacing your grass with an arrangement of stones and gravel. If done right, a stone and gravel landscape layout can add a unique and modern look to your garden while removing the need to waste unnecessary water.

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