5 Low-Maintenance Gardening Ideas

May 9, 2019

Gardens add a beautiful and wonderful aesthetic to any home but they can demand a lot of effort to cultivate and maintain. Here are five low-maintenance gardening tips to ensure you spend more time enjoying your garden than maintaining it! 

Self-sowing annuals

Self-seeding annuals are plants that drop their seeds before they die and will germinate on their own the following year. This means that, like perennials, they return on a yearly basis but rather from their seeds than from their roots. They are a great way to have a beautiful garden with minimal input!

Install an irrigation system

No plant can thrive without water and, unfortunately, watering can be one of the most time-consuming activities in cultivating your garden. An irrigation system with a timer and a rain sensor (which will turn off the sprinklers if it detects rain), will take this hassle off your hands, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your garden in peace.

Use indigenous plants

Since indigenous plants are already well-accustomed to the local climate, they need very little input to maintain. If you’re looking to reduce your garden’s maintenance effort, indigenous plants are the way to go! Learn more about indigenous plants here.

Keep plant variety to a minimum

The less variety of plants you have in your garden, the fewer different methods you will have to use to keep your garden in shape. If you’re looking to keep your garden’s maintenance requirements down to a minimum, lowering your plant variety is one of your best options.

Forget about weeding

Weeding is another demanding and time-consuming garden activity. To avoid this tedious responsibility, consider replacing your garden plants affected by weeds (like flowers) with shrubs. By using shrubs, you can add a layer of mulch (bark and gravel work nicely and looks great) to suppress the weeds, as they are strong enough to break through the weed-suppressing membrane. Additionally, they also live longer and require a lot less water. So, it’s a win-win solution! 


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