Using Your Garden to Save The World

May 9, 2019

With a world that boasts its share of natural problems, largely caused by us, the time has come for each of us to do our part to keep Mother Nature breathing and thriving. While it might seem like a daunting prospect, carrying the weight of saving an entire planet on your shoulders, you’d be surprised how far every little individual step goes in keeping this beautiful blue little wonder spinning.

Swap chemicals for homemade remedies

You’d be amazed how many effective natural homemade remedies could be used for your garden and even be produced from it, leading to a significantly more environmentally friendly garden solution.  For instance, you can create a natural treatment for Black Spot, a pesky fungus that plagues plants in the hot and humid weather, by mixing one part cow’s milk with two parts water. Another example is Chamomile tea, which is a great preventive measure against most fungi that affects seedlings. A blend of garlic, vegetable oil and water also makes a great insecticide. 

Plant your own veggie garden

Admittedly, not everyone has the space for a full-fledged veggie garden. But if you’re one of the lucky ones then a veggie garden is a great way to do your part for the environment. Not only will you have your own source of fresh vegetables, you’ll also be eliminating the need to drive to the shops or market, reducing your carbon footprint and putting a smile on Mother Nature’s face.

Plants against pollution

Life would not exist without a healthy dose of oxygen, an element that has been under serious threat with the destruction of vast forest and jungle landscapes and increasing planetary wide pollution produced by mega factories. To counter this extremely negative effect, a plethora of initiatives around the world have been focussing on planting high oxygen-producing plants on a large scale. Locally, our very own “Spekboom” excellently serves this purpose and, as a succulent, is very easy to look after.

As an interesting example, various cities in the world have planted plants along their highways and congestion-prone roads, noticeably decreasing pollution by sucking up the emissions and turning it into oxygen. Another interesting effect it had was a significant drop in car accidents since the sight of plants subconsciously calmed the driver down, making them less interested in speeding.

DIY Gardening

DIY gardening is a great way to cultivate an environment-friendly garden while adding a unique creative touch.

Plastic bottles alone could be used to create a variety of DIY pots (add a splash of colour for a creative edge), latched together to create a makeshift greenhouse, or can even be secured on the end of a hosepipe with holes to create a homemade sprayer! Old car tyres could be used to create garden beds, while a few of them stacked on top of each other is a great place to create a compost heap. You’d be amazed how recycled items could be utilised for your garden using a bit of ingenuity.

Pollinator Gardens

Pollinator gardens are one of the best ways you can help out the environment. Most plants that flower require regular visits from insects, such as bees, for pollination, an essential process that allows plants to bear fruit and seeds. By planting pollinator gardens, you’re not only creating a healthier environment for your garden but attracting a host of insects to your local neighbourhood. You can also add a small water source to make it even more habitable for the pollen-hungry critters!

So are you ready to start cultivating your planet-saving garden? Great, let’s get in touch! Simunye Plantscapes specialises in creating beautiful and bespoke gardens, and we’d love to partner with up and start creating environmentally friendly gardens. Let’s put a smile on Mother Nature’s face!

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